Slingshot RPM 2018 14m


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Slingshot RPM 2018 14m

High performance freestyle and a bit all round

The RPM is a high-flying, hard-charging kite with multiple world titles under its belt. But the RPM isn’t built for the most elite competitors; the top of the podium is just a byproduct of exceptional design. The RPM is built for riders like you. You want safety, reliability, and predictability in all wind conditions. You want high performance and low risk. You want a kite that won’t hold you back, no matter how much you progress. You want a kite you can count on when conditions get gnarly, when your friends challenge you to a jump-off or when you’re bound and determined to take that next step in progression, whatever that may be. If that is you, your kite is the RPM.

There’s one kite in the world you want for any conditions. It’s the RPM. It’s a kite you can count when the wind gets gnarly.  Imagine the perfect day.  So perfect you decide to shoot off on a downwind adventure with your crew.  Then the wind picks up halfway through, your kite is now oversized, and you’re white knuckled.  Don’t sweat it, the RPM can handle it.   Or say you’re just goofing off and your friends start betting beers for a jump-off, when the waves are overhead and peeling, when you’re in the middle of a kiteloop and when you’re bound and determined to take that next step in kiting.

  • Eight years of annual innovations packed into one kite and backed up with more world championship than any other kite in history!
  • Freestyle, waves, flat water, parks, boosting, loops, lessons, downwinders- this kite keeps delivering with good manners.
  • Shock-absorbing IRS bridle stabilizes kite in the gusty wind
  • Powerful and predictable pop,  loops and “*carry”
  • Bomber Slingshot construction.  Forget about ripstop fabric; this kite is built not to rip.  Period.  The difference is huge!

*Carry is the secret sauce behind world championship level jumping.   Here is the jump sequence for guys like Mario and Youri.  Ride powered! Load and pop (as vertical as possible)   If you’re watching them, this is when you notice the start of their trick sequence.  If you’re watching the kite, you will notice it is like a boat delivering constant pull and a constant height.  How a kite “carries” is based on how it delivers  5 key attributes.    You want to feel a vertical pop, consistent height, clean pull,  and drift so your tricks flow at a natural rate. Lastly; you want the kite to bring you down at the rate you want to stomp the trick. You don’t want to feel or see any dangle.    The RPM invented this riding style because it delivers all 5 of those attributes perfectly!

Package includes: 

    • RPM kite
    • RPM kite backpack
    • Emergency bladder repair kit
    • Quick-start guide



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