Slingshot Compstick 20″ 2015

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Bar Slingshot Compstick 20″ 2015

If you’re familiar with Slingshot’s Comp Stick bar, you will be pleased to know that for 2015 Slingshot has kept all of the good and upgraded the look and feel of the bar to make the Comp Stick a really solid kite bar.

Slingshot Comp Stick Tech Specs:
• 17 inch bar (with 20m lines)
• 20 inch bar (with 23m lines)
• 23 inch bar (with 27m lines)
• Includes leash

What we like:
Slingshot has made their already excellent system even better by adding in soft and strong rubber around the chicken loop area. The result is that it makes the whole bar much more comfortable to use. We’re stoked on the new Comp Stick bar – one of the best bars out there just got that much better.

Insider Info:
The below the bar depower is easy to adjust and works well but if you’re a fan of above the bar depower, there is no option to convert the Comp Stick over. Also, with all of the excellent safety features on the Comp Stick, we’re not sure why Slingshot are still marketing their “Oh Sh*t” loops on the steering lines. Our coaches have found that they are actually an excellent tool to help beginners with relaunch but they certainly aren’t being used any more in “Oh Sh*t” moments!

Why you want the 2015 Slingshot Comp Stick Control Bar:
We always say that a decent safety system is worth its weight in gold and the Slingshot system has proven itself over the years. No accidental releases and bomb-proof dependability make the Comp Stick a reliable choice.


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