Mystic Force Shield Seat Black 2011 XS


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Mystic Force Shield Seat Black 2011


Mystic’s harness philosophy is clear. Based on up to date analysis they set their goals on excellent freedom of movement and harness construction. To ensure ‘comfort’ is the fundament on which their Kinetic Technology is build.

Analyses of forces and movements play the main role in Mystic design philosophy and the results are an essential contribution to their designs.

The information to come up with progressive designs on Harness construction, freedom of movement and load distribution and use of teamriders to monitor the constant development in the sport, allows them to be ahead of the game!

Human Kinetic Technology System: Analysis of kite forces, joint movements, load distribution, harness constructions and materials has combined findings into fully redeveloped radical harness designs.

Technical Features :

  • Kinetic back support
  • Small spreader protector
  • Human kinetic technology system
  • 3D contoured neoprene interior
  • Anatomical back support
  • Double power leash rings
  • Reverse Force seat part
  • Neoprene leg straps
  • Heavy duty seat part
  • Detachable handle included
  • Multi hook
  • Clickerbar 3.0
  • 4 poin t fixation (legstraps)
  • Spreader down system


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