Airush Livewire Team 138cm 2014 complete


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Airush Livewire Team 138cm 2014


The new Livewire Team takes the Livewire design to a lightweight construction. Airush has fine-tuned the ride to create the ultimate dedicated freestyle board.

Sizes: 135x40cm | 138x41cm | 140x42cm



World Champion Pedigree

The biaxial carbon outer layer ensures the smoothest response, while the torsional orientation maximizes pop. Working closely with Alex Pastor on his signature 140, the new rail and tip channel configuration enhances directional drive.

The Livewire Team is ideal for competition format, offering the lightest board in the range at around 500gm lighter then the livewire. The new ultra lightweight Nylon coating on the top and bottom ensures ever-increased durability.

Key Features

*Dual rocker design with intermediate rail rocker and high channel rocker. *New 140cm Alex Pastor Signature Model *Durable 0.45mm PBT protective outer layer, top and bottom. *Carbon Torsion Control *Metro 30 fins for the best combination of grip and looseness *2 Year breakage warranty (incl Bindings)

Target User Progressive Freestyle and Wakestyle rider

Rails Square ABS rail for durability and a fast clean water release.

Rocker Livewire Specific 3 stage rocker, for a combination of higher rocker tips with a relatively flat center section. Flatter rail rocker

Flex Wood biotech core combined with 3D core taper with additional stiffness for Freestyle and Wake style riding.

Bottom Shape 132 – 138 – Single concave bottom, with channel tips. – 140 – Full rail channels and Quad Channel tips.

Planform A relatively parallel three-stage outline with straighter hips and wide tip, offers a good combination of edging and pop.

Fins 3cm Metro fin works in conjunction with the stepped channel bottom for grip and control.

Footbed type Comes with the AFT Team foot pads and straps



BIO TECH CORE The Airush Multizone Biotech construction is a vertical wood core sandwich comprising of a dual density Balsa and Poplar core with ABS rail and tips. The higher density poplar stringer creates a hyper responsive center section while the outer balsa section minimizes the weight. Our wood cores are renowned for their response, durability and smoothness, and are combined with a versatile tri axial laminate for all-round performance and durability.

PROGRESSIVE DUAL ROCKER The Progressive Dual Rocker featured on the Livewire offers a unique rocker where smaller sizes run slightly flatter rocker to enhance acceleration, while larger sizes feature an increased rocker improving the performance for boot riding. The outer rail features a flatter rocker for improved edging, upwind and light-wind performance while the higher rocker centre section increases loading for wakestyle riding.

FMS RATING Airush introduced FMS rating 4 years ago as the first brand to quantify how much a twintip flexes, instead of the good old “feel” test, which can be very deceptive due to the impact of the length on the overall stiffness. FMS takes into account the boards length and deflection and lower rating indicating a softer board. Softer boards are more suited to freeride, while stiffer boards are more suited to Freestyle.

TIPS & TUNING The Livewire team is a lightweight high performance machine, so if you plan to ride up the beach then opt for the regular Livewire as it has a much thicker bottom PBT layer. Due to the lightweight construction (The Livewire team has no protective grindbase) The Livewire team is not suitable for bindings or sliders. With regard to the recommended size, if you are Over 75Kg the 140 is the best option, between 75 – 60 the 135 is ideal, and anything under 60kg I would recommend the 130.


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